B3 Connect

  1. 1

    Live Feeds

    • • Live and automated feeds
    • • Only seconds behind live action
    • • Ability to pull and display all game data
  2. 2

    Push Notifications

    • • Automated to sync with live feeds
    • • Send custom alerts to drive traffic
    • • Build equity with fans by being the 1st to deliver news
    • • No limits on number of alerts you send
  3. 3

    Automated Content

    • • Over 90% of app content is delivered automatically
    • • Manage all content through our Digital Mobility
      Framework (DMF)
    • • Publish all your most important content
  4. 4

    Ads & Sponsors

    • • Turn fan engagement into a new revenue stream
    • • Provide contextually relevant sponsorship opportunities
    • • See more details or schedule a demo in our Ads section
  5. 5


    • • New user analysis identifies most effective content.
    • • Funnels track the purchase steps through to completion, highlighting where improvements can be made.
    • • App usage, screen flow, and event analysis track
      performance and user interaction with app features
      and functionality.

App Details


Want to know....

  • How many people used your app on their iphone?
  • Was Video A more popular than Video B?
  • Who visits your Promotions page after receiving an alert?

We do too. That's why we pay close attention to the data. Not only do we share the reports with you and your team through an automated email system, we use this key user data to help shape future features and UI enhancements.


All of our In-game Data, Schedules, Standings, News, Player Stats, Photos, Social, Tickets, and Game Alerts are fully automated....we set it up and you never have to do a thing.

In addition to what's fully automated, we provide complete CONTROL through our automated publishing tool we call the Digital Mobility Framework (DMF). The DMF is a powerful tool that allows you to publish whenever and whatever content you'd like to all our available mobile platforms.


We understand your team is as unique as your market and that's why we've built our foundation on flexibility and customization. In addition to the look and feel of your team branded mobile application, below are some additional optional features that can be incorporated into your "Core Application" product:

  • Scoreboard Interaction
  • Concession Ordering
  • Geo-gated Content
  • Custom Push Notifications
  • Passbook Pro (iOS only)


Plan A: Get started today, it's FREE! With a $0.00 commitment, let's share the ad rev and give the fans unprecedented access to your team's content!

Plan B: For a fixed fee (let's talk numbers), you can retain 100% of the net ad revenue generated by the mobile app.

Both Plans: Start with a 2-year term, and include our Digital Mobility Framework (DMF), account support, reporting, and the ability to customize as needed!